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The Eyes of Texas

John Lang Sinclair is buried in San Antonio. According to a newspaper
article, dated 25 Apr,while a student at the University of Texas in Austin
he wrote "The Eyes of Texas" lyrics, set to the tune of "I've Been Working
on the Railroad," in 1903.  "The eyes of Texas are upon you," which in turn
was inspired by Robert E. Lee's reprimand, "The eyes of the south are upon
you."  The song was an instant success, later became the school song.  Today
it is still mistaken for the official state song of Texas.  Sinclair died in
1947, is buried in the Alamo Masonic Cemetery.  His wife has relatives in
Texas and Ohio.  Anyone claim this Sinclair as a relative? He grew up on a
dairy farm in eastern Bexar County, Texas.
Andy Cottingham(ian@texas.net)

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