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Re: SINCLAIRs of ABERFOYLE (was Heartstopping news)

Donald and Toni
I am very interested in your message about John SINCLAIR and Catherine
FERGUSON of Aberfoyle.  Have you any more or any earlier information on

I do not see a link right away, but my earliest SINCLAIR is Peter S, born
1785 in Perthshire, married 1805 to Christian BROWN, born 1790 at Aberfoyle.
This couple had  7 children, all born at Aberfoyle except the eldest.  The
children were Duncan  (b 1806 at Clachan of Clampsie),  Andrew (b 1809),
Alexander (b 1812),  Agnes (1814),  Charles (b 1818), Thomas  (b 1822) and
Margaret  (b1827).

There seems to be the faint possibility of a link, so would be glad to hear
more if you have more.  Many thanks indeed.

Judith Harper
New Zealand

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> Dear Toni, Our records are not all that clear either. Here is the way we
> have it. John Sinclair % wife Catherine Ferguson left Aberfoyle Callander
> Parish Scotland in 1817. Maybe with his Parents ( Duncan Sinclair wife
> McGregor ). Next they are in Montreal, Presbyterian Congregation Baptizing
> baby born at sea ,named Duncan .July 13 1817. This is were it tricky ,
> is  how it reads, After seven years in vicinity of Montreal , the family
> settled on goverment land in Chatham Township, County of Argenteuil


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