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Re: Sinclair & Masons intertwined

At 16:37 13/04/00 -0400, you wrote:
Niven; & Kenneth;
You are most likely correct in suggesting that the discussion list would be swamped with the information about masons and there is more of it than any list can cope with. (as you rightly point out much of it is either not understood or misunderstood) , but conversely many list members are also not aware of the close connection between the Masons of Scotland and the Sinclair History and one can not really segregate one from the other and do justice to the social history of Sinclairs. Not only were the Sinclair's involved but they rose over the generations to the positions of Grand Master in Scotland.  There is one rather good published authority on this topic and I will endeavour to get it identified later this week for such as would find this exploration useful.  Now for our friend this may not assist him much because this historical connection is well known and documented elsewhere on sites relating to the topic. I for one was not aware of Masonic symbols in Roslin until I watched the film on the chapel, nor was I aware of the existance of a fine library on the subject matter at a notable library at Nosshead. The more we learn and think we know the more we don't really know.
All the best.
Neil Sinclair
Toronto, PEI and forever Argyll

 I have asked Kenneth to let me have his postal address so that I can send him a copy of "The Templar
 Legacy and Masonic Inheritance within Rosslyn Chapel".

And, if you will let me have your postal address, I will send you a copy of "The Hereditary Protectorate"
about the Sinclairs being the hereditary patrons of the Crafts and Guilds of Scotland and also about
Sir William Sinclair resigning this position only to be elected to that position by a free vote.

Thank you for sending your piece on the Sinclairs of Argyll to the Chief.  He has just returned from a
strenuous journey to the States and may have some catching up to do with  affairs of state in this
country as he is still an active member of the House of Lords.

Best wishes,

Niven Sinclair