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Re: Another William Sinclair?

In a message dated 00-04-16 16:36:57 EDT, you write:

 Note that the  earliest of these warrants is dated 1750.  The William 
 Sinkler of primary interest to me (married Phebe Gleave in Chester county 
 in 1709) died in 1757 and had sons named William and James.  However, this 
 James was married in Chester county in 1762 and moved to Virginia in 1764 >>
Richard -- as I have mentioned , many branches of my family ( not Sinclair ) 
were in the Chester County / New Castle County / Cecil County areas ( all USA 
) , dating back well into the 1600's .

Are you looking for the Gleave ancestry also?

Do you know if they were Quakers or other denomination ?

Where were they married ?? Lived ??

Because my wife and I docunent all collateral branches of my ancestors where 
possible , we are always looking at and for new original records , cemeteries 
, etc. .

Also , since the populations were so small in those early days , often we 
find the same lines others are also researching -- besides , it was amazing 
that so many of these families had between 10 and 20 children so there were 
so many near -in branches !!

I try to help other researchers , like yourself , where possible , since we 
live just outside of Wilmington , Delaware and have ready access to all the 
mentioned .

Regards , Joe Greigg
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