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Dear Laura and Jack,

As you will note from the attached e-mail from the Sinclair Discussion List
there are many people who would like to receive regular reports about your
progress on your truly momentous and courageous voyage.

If you would include sinclair@mids.org, when you are communicating with
me, many Sinclairs throughout the World - from New Zealand to Nova Scotia
- would be able to share the trials, tribulations and triumphs of your voyage
just, as I hope, they will communicate with you on progettozeno@katamail.com

I realise that you may experience some difficulty in sending and receiving messages
when you are not in port but the knowledge that there are so many people following
your adventures should provide you with some encouragement and consolation for
all that you have sacrificed in undertaking such a daunting journey in such a small

Chief was delighted to receive Stella's communication but says that he is not a
sea-dog.  He doesn't like salt water. He is too young to think about the charms
of ladies - particularly when they are bitches.  Last week he was bitten by an
adder so he is not feeling too bright at the moment although he did receive the
appropriate injections to counteract the poison.  I hope he has learned not to meddle
with snakes.  (He had wanted to play with it by tossing it in the air!!)

With every good wish for your continued progress.  So far, the weather does not seem
to have been favourable and, as you must now be approaching the notorious Bay of
Biscay, (where I was horribly sea-sick when crossing it in a troopship during the war)
you still have some heavy seas in front of you.  Nevertheless, 7 Roses is an admirable
craft and, with you and/or Jack at the helm, it will reach the New World in good order.
(I hope there will be those  yachtsmen on the other side of the Atlantic who will help
you to give it a new lick of paint).

I am eagerly awaiting your next communication and to meeting up with you and Jack
when you reach Orkney.

Good sailing.


Note to cc addressees:  "Stella" is one of Laura's dogs which she has on board the 7 Roses.
                                    "Chief" is the best dog in the World.
                            Laura and Niven are both mad (about dogs).