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Re: Connie's Donald Sinclair

Hi Connie

Nice to hear from you again.  I haven't forgotten you.  I keep your letter
with my "current research" in case your Donald suddenly appears.  I was
going through some stuff again last night, and I have a couple of

1.  I have a DONALD born 1800, in Neriby farm, Bowmore parish, son of
Donald Sinclair and Ann Clark, who married 1782. .  The siblings I recorded
from the Bowmore OPR are:  Ann, 3 Feb. 1793; , Mary, 3 Feb, 1793; Duncan,
12 Nov 1997;Neil, 15 Aug 1802

2.However, I also have a family chart given to me when I was on Islay,
which shows
the children of Donald Sinclair and Anne Clark: Margaret,(1779-1875)  who
married Donald McKechnie, and emigrated to Priceville, Grey Co, in 1847;
and Catharine (who married a Robert Reid and emigrated to Wellington Co in
1844.  BUT - to confuse us is that the rest of the family
in this chart shows the next sister, Marion (SARAH?), marrying a
Sinclair,emigrated to
Derby, Bruce Co, (and her children were Archibald, Donald, John, Neil,
Flora, Duncan, Alex, and Malcolm.)-All these children are the same as you
listed in your letter  Next child Neil, tailor, who became the baptist
minister (I have alot more on him if you are interested), and went to
Bruce, and also Archibald, Duncan and John (the last three died in the
Scot. lowlands

You see the problem.  I don't know which one is correct.  Either the #1
Donald is the
son of Donald and Anne, or #2 Sarah, is their daughter.  I believe its #2.
I did find a
Donald b 1798, son of John Sinclair and Effie Clark of Ballitarsin.  Also,
I wonder if he was possibly born in the parish of Kilchoman?  I don't have
the records for that parish.

So, do you think you can do some double checking for me on some of the
I also have a question about Flora Bell Sinclair 1841-1936.  Was "Bell" her
middle name,or her married name?  The Bell name has been cropping up in the
Islay discussion
group lately, and that's how I finally found my Neil Sinclair.   A Mary S.
married into
the Bell family.  From correspondence I learned her father and mother were
and Catharine Sinclair, from the farm called Daill.  That's where Neil came
from too!
Their family consisted of Alexander 1767, emigrated to Peel Co, Neil 1770
to Fenelon
Twp; Mary 1776(Mrs. Duncan Bell) to Bruce Co, and Ann 1765 (Mrs. Donald
Campbell) to Peel.

I'll look forward to hearing from you, or anyone else who might be
connected.  Cheers!

Steve & Connie Sinclair - Cordis wrote:

> In regard to:
> Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 22:03:00 -0400
> From: Toni Sinclair <asflwr@cujo2.icom.ca>
> Subject: Re: Happy Tartan Day
> Toni Sinclair wrote:
> >
> > Well, Donald, I can top the Belhaven ale!  It must be fortuituous that
> this is Tartan
> > Day.
> > After 8 years, I have today finally "cracked" the mystery of my Neil
> Sinclair of Islay.
> > He was born 18 june, 1770, the son of Alexander Sinclair and Catherine
> Sinclair.  Up to
> > today, I only knew for certain that he married Christian Campbell in
> 1801, the rest -
> > conjecture and family legend.
> >
> > We (Sandy, Neil's gggrandson, and Andrew, the ggggrandson and me, just
> the in-law) had a
> > glass of champagne earlier this evening to celebrate.  That was nice,
> but I have this
> > special little bottle of Islay whiskey "Laphroaig" tucked away.  Hmmmm
> >
> > Cheers!
> > Toni
> >
>  Toni- Congratulations! How did you confirm this? And have you figured
> out how we're related yet?
> Your cousin, Constance Sinclair ggg of Donald Sinclair of Islay
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