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Islay breakthrough

In regard to:

Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 22:03:00 -0400
From: Toni Sinclair <asflwr@cujo2.icom.ca>
Subject: Re: Happy Tartan Day

Toni Sinclair wrote:
> Well, Donald, I can top the Belhaven ale!  It must be fortuituous that
this is Tartan
> Day.
> After 8 years, I have today finally "cracked" the mystery of my Neil
Sinclair of Islay.
> He was born 18 june, 1770, the son of Alexander Sinclair and Catherine
Sinclair.  Up to
> today, I only knew for certain that he married Christian Campbell in
1801, the rest -
> conjecture and family legend.
> We (Sandy, Neil's gggrandson, and Andrew, the ggggrandson and me, just
the in-law) had a
> glass of champagne earlier this evening to celebrate.  That was nice,
but I have this
> special little bottle of Islay whiskey "Laphroaig" tucked away.  Hmmmm

> Cheers!
> Toni
 Toni- Congratulations! How did you confirm this? And have you figured
out how we're related yet?
Your cousin, Constance Sinclair ggg of Donald Sinclair of Islay

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