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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  April 11. In 1705: Green hanged. Thomas Green,
   captain of the Worcester, is hanged on Leith Sands with his mate and
   gunner, having been found guilty of pirating the Speedy Return..
   [2]Tomorrow:  April 12. In 1700: Darien II abandoned. The Colony is
   abandoned for the second time. Pimienta takes possession of it. The
   Hope of Bo'ness sails to Carthagena. Her master surrenders the ship to
   the Spanish.
   In 1567: [3]George is Foreman. George 4th Earl Caithness is foreman of
   the Jury at the trial that acquitted James, Earl of Bothwell, for the
   murder of Lord Darnley. Darnley then married Mary Queen of Scots..


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