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Re: Surnames

In a message dated 00-04-10 17:07:36 EDT, you write:

<< Searching the IGI at the mormon site gives just three William Sinclair
 born in England in 1835. None of them has a B-name. However this
 William's mothers surname was Brown and maybe his full name was William
 Brown Sinclair..... but as you gave no dates I don't know if he fits
 your William B S.

Lena --

Thank you for following up so promptly on my inquiry . 

Your finding confirms my suspicions that my Sinclair line in the USA is 
completely undocumented  !

Jean Grigsby also has been able to find no reference to it !

It appears that I may have a long term and major research effort in England 
before I can  solve this puzzle ?

Thank you again for your response .

Joe Greigg
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