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Absence in Scotland.

As I shall be away in Scotland to film the remaining Sinclair Castles and 
to celebrate
my 76th birthday with my twin-brother John (who is even more bloody-minded 
than I
am) I will be unable to respond to e-mails requiring my attention and/or 
response for
the next week.

It will be a pleasant change to be able to breathe the air of my native 
heath and to
listen to the soft  voices of those highlanders who live North of 
Inverness.  It is a different
World from the hustle and bustle of London where my 'phone never stops and 
where there
is always someone waiting to see me outside my office door.

There are also e-mails to answer but, in the main, that is a pleasurable 
pursuit.  It is
a form of relaxation except when my computer decides to go on strike by 
refusing to
produce an "attachment" which someone has thoughtfully sent for my 
It has a built-in resistance to anything which is 'appended' and which 
requires changing
from Eudora to Word.

John Sinclair Quarterman has done an immense service to the Clan.  He has 
us together and, because we are being kept at arms length, the exchanges 
are usually

Until April.

Niven Sinclair

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