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Re: THE Bruce

At 11:41 27/03/00 +1200, you wrote:
Thanks to all who took the time to explain why "THE  Bruce'.  I thought it
would probably be simple and straightforward and so it was.

I had heard of people called (eg) The McNeill, but hadn't transferred the
concept to Robert the Bruce  - a lack of lateral thinking skills.

Now I am interested in the Jewish Sinclairs which our 'little saint' has
mentioned.  Has their Jewishness come through the maternal line or is there
another reason for this combination?  Niven, I hope you can tell  us more.
Thank you all.

Judith Harper

                                        JEWISH SINCLAIRS

The late Dr Hugh Macdonald Sinclair, the eminent nutritionist,was one of the most
advanced scientists of his day.  He was Churchill's adviser on the nation's diet
during the war whilst his cousin, Sir Archibald Sinclair, was Minister of Air.  Both
came from the Ulbster Branch of the family.

During our discussions (usually on the family genealogy on which he was an expert)
he used to tell me that his Godfather, the Earl of Dysart, claimed that the Sinclairs
were the 'lost tribe of Israel'.  That may be open to challenge but there can be no
doubt that there are many Sinclairs who adhere to the Jewish faith.  And, in that
faith, as in others, they have risen to the top.

Rabbi Daniel Sinclair,who was previously the Minister at the Edinburgh Synagogue,
was appointed to the prestigious post as Head of the Jewish College in Jerusalem.
At the time of his appointment Rabbi Sinclair said that he wished to strengthen the
links between the Jewish College and the University of London from which University
he had received his Doctorate in Law.

During his career Dr Daniel Sinclair also lectured at the Monash University in
Melbourne, Australia where he met his wife, Deborah.  They now have three children.

On the other side of the Atlantic we find a Rabbi Yaacov Sinclair in New York and,
on looking through the history of the New Hampshire Sinclair, I find a Moses Canney
Sinclair, an Aaron J. Sinclair, a Benjamin Sinclair, a Joshua Sinclair, a Samuel
Sinclair, a Levi Mortimer St Clair, Levi Hunt St Clair, a Solomon St Clair etc. and
whilst these names are not solely Jewish they do reflect an astonishing fixation
with the Old Testament and the Torah.

To balance the picture, I also found a Napoleon Boneparte Sinclair, several George
Washington Sinclairs, Hannibal Cicero St Clair, James Madison St Clair, Thomas
Jefferson St Clair, Charles Grandison St Clair, Calvin St Clair, Caleb Northrop St
Clair, Orison Thayer St Clair,  Orville St Clair, Benjamin Franklyn St Clair etc.

The Sinclairs married into the Levi family in the South of France in the 12th Century.


Niven Sinclair

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