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Re: The Bruce - but Why?

>While there is a thread about Robert the Bruce still active can anyone tell
>me why the said Robert was called Robert THE Bruce.  One hears of others
>called e.g.  Finlay OF Tannochbrae, but why  ' THE Bruce'.

Because he was the head of the Bruce family, also spelled
de Bruce or de Bruis from its Norman French origins.
He was Robert de Bruce VIII, a direct descendant
of Robert de Bruce I, who went with William the Conqueror
from Normandy to England in 1066, of his son Robert de Bruce II,
who was granted lands in Annandale by King David I, and of
his son Robert de Bruce III, who inherited the Scottish lands
and the headship of the Scottish de Bruce family.
He was also Earl of Carrick, and thus one of the principal
nobles of Scotland, there being only barons and earls in those
days, and not many earls.

He was also a descendant of King William the Lyon;
thus his claim to the throne.  His grandfather Robert de Bruce VI
was known as the Contender because he was one of the claimants
to the throne after the death of the Maid of Norway.

>I'm sure the answer will be perfectly simple and straightforward, but its
>one of those little things which have escaped me so far.

I'm sure others can provide better and more elaborate versions
of the above.

>Thank you
>Judith Harper

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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