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Pillarguri Days 2000

We have had some good news from our friend Rakel Dyrhaug in Otta, Sel 
Kommune, Gudbrandsdalen:

"This year's PGD will be from the 25-27 of August. The main day will be the 
26 of August -the same day as the day of battle of Kringen in 1612. This 
year's Pillarguri will be Anne Cath. Vestly. She is the most known writer in 
Norway when it comes to literature for children. She is a legend and she 
turned 80 years some months ago. Everybody knows her books, and she will 
definitively be a good Pillarguri.

As I wrote you last time, Otta has become a city. The formal celebrations 
will take place Saturday the 26 August! This years PGDs will be unique and 
probably bigger than last years event. They are working on the program these 

Rakel has also been given a new position as the manager of the Sel and 
Rondane Tourist Association with full support of our friends at the Norlandia 
Otta Hotel

We have contact details for Otta under the Norway page on our website.

Yours aye


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