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Re: The Pidgeons and The Pope

Cat amongst the pigeons, Neil - that's not bad - yes, I do that
sometimes...and thanks for the response Niven, but could someone draw the

    would it be incorrect to extrapolate that some of why the pope is doing
this is due to the reams of evidence which has been gathered in the past
century and especially decade - not least is some of the information
contained in the Hiram Key and several other Sinclair related volumes? this
information is failry wide-spread now, is it not? And coming from many
different parts of the Globe - not the least of which are the Quamran
Scrolls and the Vatican archives. Am I dreaming?

    And has what he said the potential impact of a Mikhail Gorbachov opening
up the Soviet Union, and it's subsequent disintegration? JP 2 has made it
clear that this year he will undertake to position the Roman Church for the
next millenium...what's next?

    to call something into existence is to suggest its opposite...a lot of
minds are not yet open...he's moving carefully...few would argue the
substance of what he said - it was safe because it was true...

                    just wondering...

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