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Re: Niven's hot selling, #1 this week - Sinclair Tapes

Niven: I belong to the Sinclair org but don't generally contribute my two 
cents worth, but do enjoy all the dialouge about the Sinclairs, ( my maternal 
grandmother was a Sinclair). I, too would like your films, so let me know how 
much they are. I'm sure that my 85 year old mother would really enjoy seeing 
them when she comes up to Maine from Florida to visit me this summer; plus it 
will be great to show me to show to all of my grandchildren. My snail address 
is:  Marjorie Hamel                                     .                     
                                               209 Andrews Rd.                
          Wales, ME 04280                               .                     
                       .              Respectfully yours,   Margie Hamel
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