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Re: yes, it was a real virus

>Upon discovering the virus before anything was posted in the list-serve, I 
>sent you an e-mail at owner-sinclair@mids.org in hopes that that e-mail 
>would come to you without propagating it to the entire group. My questions are
>1. Was this appropriate?
>2. Did you receive it?

Despite the popular impression, I do not spend every waking minute reading
this list.  Yes, I received it.  No, I didn't read it until recently.
It wouldn't have made much difference anyway, since the virus would have
gone through anyway.

I have added one safeguard to the list to prevent such problems, and will
add another in a day or so once I'm sure the first one is causing no

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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