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Re: yes, it was a real virus

>Does any one of you know how to remove this virus as I was stupid enough
>to open it... I thought our list was secure.....

There is nothing the list can do to prevent people from executing files
they receive in the mail.

However, I will look into having the list software remove all executable

> and why did my virus guard not warn me???

No idea.  This particular virus is so well known that even I recognized it
by name.

>What damage am I about to experience?

This text has been in
for some time:


   Do not send virus reports to this list. Most virus reports turn out to
   be hoaxes, so forwarding a virus report without examination is like
   shouting fire in a crowded theater. To find out which are real and
   which are hoaxes, myths, and urban legends, try these URLs. But do not
   send virus reports to this list.

   real viruses [58]http://www.datafellows.com/virus-info/

   hoaxes [59]http://www.datafellows.com/virus-info/hoax/

   myths [60]http://kumite.com/myths/index0.htm

   urban legends [61]http://www.urbanlegends.com/

Since for once this actually was a real virus, I will not enforce the
rule about not discussing viruses on this list.

If you follow the first link, you will find a listing of viruses, and
among them Pretty Park.  Here's an extract from

 The 'PrettyPark' also known as 'Trojan.PSW.CHV' is an Internet worm, a
 password stealing trojan and a backdoor at the same time. It was reported
 to be widespread in Central Europe in June 1999. 

In other words, just because you don't see any damage doesn't mean it
isn't doing any.  The original message with the virus wasn't sent by
the person in its From: line; it was sent by the virus.  That's how
a worm like this works.

So any of you who opened the message need to clean your systems.
How?  See the above links.  If you need more assistance than that, I'm
afraid you'll have to ask somebody else (maybe Milamba), because I don't
use Microsoft software.


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