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RE: Gaelic

Sorry to but in, but I noticed an email virus approaching the Sinclair list.
It is called Pretty Park and is an exe attachment. Please do not execute the
attachment. One of the things it does is send itself as an attachment to
everyone in your address book. 

A friend. 


There is no word for Hello in Gaelic. We use "Ciamar Ah Ha Shib" (sp) which
roughly translates to "How are you" and is pronounced "Kema Ah Ha Shib"
unless your from Judique. Slang Gaelic uses "Hallo" which uses a short 'A'
as in "Half"

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> From:	Roy Sinclair [SMTP:badger.s@xtra.co.nz]
> Sent:	Monday, March 06, 2000 4:26 AM
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> Subject:	Gaelic
> Help, can somebody give me the Gaelic for Hello and its pronunciation,
> this is for a school project with the word hello being researched in five
> languages. 
>                                                                    Roy
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