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"Refining" the Sinclair temper

Jenny, ah yes I remember when I was but 20 years old. A "Rebel Without a 
Clue". You never control a Sinclair temper, but learn to use it to an 
advantage. Now that I am 40ish I know not to react until I have had a few 
hours to digest my adversary's remark (although the wife would dissagree). 
Then respnond with sarcasim, blended with a wee bit of "in your face". You 
may all be suprised to find out I am a "Customer Assistance" specialist in my 
company and have won numerous awards.
Lena, I'm heading south soon to 75 degree weather in hope to have warm feets 
(or flippers). Yes even toads need warmth.
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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