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Re: Patrick Sinclair

At 07:46 01/03/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Niven:  What a wonderful email it was that you sent to the list,
>regarding many of the New Zealand Sinclairs!  It stirred my heart and
>mind, as it is through these people and others like you, that our
>lessons in life are increased! What contributions they and you have
>made.   That is the type of email that can bring us all together!  I'm
>sure you've energized those in New Zealand to find others of their
>Sinclair heritage!  Thanks, Gail
  Gail and Lou,

Thank you for your thoughtful e-mail.  My purpose and sole interest is in
encouraging others to seek out their Sinclair heritage.  I am sorry if I seem
to have hurt Jenny's feelings which was the very reverse of my intention.

We need to encourage the young who, in this troubled and tormented
World, desperately need the stability of having family roots to which they
can turn with pride and endeavour to emulate in their own lives.

Roland St Clair, when injured turned his injury to good effect by giving us
"The St Clairs of the Isles" which is the definitive work on the Sinclair 
Unfortunately, it is now over 100 years old and needs to be updated and,
with the benefits of the internet, this is a task which is being accomplished
by Lena, Milamba, Mary, John, Laurel and a host of others - not forgetting
the sterling work of the late Pete Cummings.

Above all, we have a Chief who takes a positive and lively interest in the 
And we have Ian Sinclair who, with his own hands, is turning Noss Head Light
House into a Sinclair Centre of which we can all be justly proud.

If we all pull together we can set an example of cooperation and solidarity 
will be an example to others.  Let that be our sole aim, ambition and 

Niven Sinclair

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