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Discovery Channel - "Secret of the Templars"

Did anybody else see this show last night?  It was
fascinating in spite of the fact that they barely
mentioned Scotland.  I missed the first 20 minutes of
it but St. Clair Templars were included.  It brought
up the theory of the Grail being the 'vessel filled
with Christ's blood' in the form of Mary Magdalene and
her issue.  They went on to say that this was the
legendary founding of the Merovingian dynasty and that
it is still extant, though secret, today.  I'd never
heard of that particular aspect.  The 'sacred
geometry' of the Templar chateaux in France was
explained, also.  I wonder if the first 20 minutes had
anything about Rosslyn and the 'sacred geometry' of
Scotland?  I checked the Discovery website to see if I
could order a copy of the video, but evidently it's
not for sale yet. 

The Sinclair Saga sounds marvelous, Niven.  I hope Mr.
Connery does accept the challenge.  He would be
wonderful.  I hear he has a house on the Cote d'Azur -
a bit closer than California for you to visit.

Laurel, I must congratulate you on the fantastic job
you've done!  It's truly magnificent.  I hope all goes
well with your surgery.  Keep us posted.

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