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Sean Connery as narrator for "The Prince and the Grail"

Without wishing to gild the lily by adding to the numerous e-mails which have already alluded
to the exciting prospect of enlisting the aid of the charismatic figure of Sean Connery to be the
narrator of Bob Hutt's film "The Prince and the Grail" which is being made in Canada, let me
try to draw the various strands together so that a clearer picture might emerge of its universal

The evidence for this truly dramatic story - for this historical re-evaluation and revelation - is
indelibly hewn in stone on both sides of the Atlantic: from the carving of the medieval knight
on a rockface at Westford, Massachusetts to the carvings of Indian maize and the North Ameican
aloe cacti to be found amongst the myriad of carvings in Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland - all carved
before Columbus was born.

For ease of assimilation, let me tabulate a few of the things which the film embraces:

                                the 'true' discovery of America
                                the legend of the Holy Grail
                                the mystery of the Templar treasure
                                the 'identity' of the Westford Knight
                                the sacred geometry of Newport Tower, Rhode Island
                                the Micmac legend concerning Glooscap
                                the Knights Templar and the Masons

All these mysteries are brought together to form the building bricks of the film of the Century - a
film which will appeal to:

                                the 25m people worldwide who claim Scottish descent
                                the Scandinavians of Viking descent - Henry Sinclair was
                                                the premier 'jarl' of Norway
                                the Norman French - the St Clairs were Norman barons and
                                                cousins to William 'the Conqueror'
                                the Italians - Henry's admirals came from Venice
                                the 12m. Masons in America
                                the present day Knights Templar
                                the Amerindians who find nothing to celebrate on Columbus Day.

Indeed, all Americans - whether they are of indigenous or immigrant stock - have reason to celebrate
the arrival of Prince Henry Sinclair because in him they will find a man who combined courage with
chivalry; vision with action; ambition with compassion; humility with greatness (for no man can be truly
great without a measure of humility).

Henry's treatment of the indigenous people of America was impeccable by the standard of his day.
He was a true Prince of men whereas Columbus was a mercenary with all the greed and brutality of
that breed of man.

The history of America will be shown in a way which will emphasise the pride of achievement                             r
rather than the shame of conquest; which will tell about peaceful co-existence with the indigenous
people of America rather than their extermination in the name of 'moral sanitation' (which was the
term the Conquistadores used to justify wholesale slaughter.  Today, it is referred to as 'ethnic cleansing'
which is equally repugnant and equally reprehensible).

This is a story which simply has to be told and, if the film has a narrator of the calibre and stature of
a man like Sean Connery, it will have all the greater impact.  Bob Hutt has done the preparation.
Ideally, Sean must be persuaded to do the presentation.

Who can convince him of the merit of his involvement?
In a separate e-mail I am forwarding  Sean,s address, the name of his Secretary (if she is still with him)
and her telephone number because, for obvious reasons, I do not wish to see his privacy being invaded.