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Re: Fw: #2 on my research request

Dear Laurel

If you mean me, then I'm sorry I don't know about this or any offer. I share
the Clan Sinclair Trust mailbox with Malcolm and perhaps he posted the
message. There is a history section to the trust website
(www.clansinclair.org), which contains Malcolm's timeline.

The other consequence to this mailbox arrangement has been that Malcolm has
downloaded all the discussion threads. I only realised this becuase I know
he's abroad just now and the amount of messages I receive from the list has
increased exponentially! I was therefore still in the dark about your offer
and the meaning of catsup (Since then I've looked up the OED about catsup).

Best wishes for Thursday and a speedy recovery,


> > >      Then about a week ago Euan informed us of some history on a
> > > that I think is associated with you?   Is that right?   I told him
> >my
> > > attempt at writing the history of Caithness and had perhaps gotten in
> > > my head and offered him what I had put together.   I do not know if he
> > > interested in history and he hasn't responded to my offer.

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