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Re: Balmy weather

Yes Rob  - 
Some of us down here would love to have some of your nice 'balmy' weather, if only for the relief of a day or two.  Yesterday here in Nelson, New Zealand, we had 27 C and I'm starting to wilt, but we will have more of that before the leaves start to fall.
I'm definitely not a summer person.
Judith Harper
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From: rob
Sent: Sunday, 27 February, 2000 12:56 AM
Subject: Re: The Old Folk
it's balmy here in Nova Scotia as well: 15 C on Thursday, and today is supposed to top that...

            but our friends in Australia and New Zealand must be laughing at us...

Roy Sinclair wrote:

Julie and others                My family would agree regarding the recording of the Sinclair ancestors who came to New Zealand in the 1850-1900 period. My Father never spoke about his Father (my grandfather) and  the family of three sisters and five brothers also never mentioned there early family life.I am also guilty of not supplying any info for the records and the family keep reminding me that I am now a senior citizen of 73 and to compound the fact have organised a Golden Wedding Party on the 25th March just to make the point that time is running out. So I must to research go and rake the old brain for the forgotten past of my life. It might take many years but records are an essential part of our life today for future generations to ponder and wonder where they fit in to the picture.                                                                                               Roy
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