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KWS's Good Information

Just had an opportunity to read some back-log e-mail!
I am very surprised to read Mr. Don Sinclair, St. Albert, AB  (By the way, apparently you are not up to date regarding the new metric symbols for provincial abbreviations as this is the correct way to abbreviate - welcome to the year 2000 Buckey!
I for one happen to enjoy reading all kinds of information posted on this web site - not like some narrow minded people who only want to read correspondence if it agrees with their way of thinking.
My dad had a good comment  I wish to relay to you, he says you sound like one that has lived off of the government traugh all of his life.  Isn't freedom of speech wonderful!
There is a point of stating your mind and then there is being outright rude!
If you don't enjoy reading various opinions you could just delete them rather that "dwelling in the negative drivel".
C. Woodson
Manitoba (MB for short!)