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Re: Politics , Sex ,Drugs and Rock and Roll

John Hinckley must have been one sick person.  Ronald Reagan would not be included among my favourite people but he was twice elected President of the world's most powerful and third most populous nation.  Was Reagan in any way involved with Jodi Foster? I have a friend John Buckley who is a partner in a Washington Law Firm whose senior partner was a man named Edward Bennett Williams.  John told me that at the time of the Oliver North Affair Williams was asked how could it be solved? Williams replied that only President Reagan could solve the dilemma.  Why don't you ask him? Williams was asked.  He retorted "I would if he were alive"  In fairness Williams was a life long member of the Democratic party.
Any right thinking person must respect  a fairly elected head of goverment.  You don't shoot him you vote him out of office. Look at what nonsense we are doing today.  Austria, a member of the European Union, has elected a right wing party.  We now wish to ostracise the country for exercising it's democracy. What a foolish bunch of tyrants we elected.  The British Governments says democracy as Long as we approve of the result.  When I lived in Trinidad the Prime Minster used to tell his favourite joke a plane on it's way to the United States crashed into the sea  4 men scrambled into a 3 man life raft.  One had to get out they decided to vote on it all being politicians.  Eric Williams PM of Trinidad and Tobago Eric won the vote 6 to 1
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Date: 25 February 2000 16:54
Subject: Re: Toads and Politics , Sex ,Drugs and Rock and Roll

so much to reply to from everyone but:

    John Hinkley Jr. was so in love with American Actress Jody Foster that he shot American President Ronald Reagan to show her just how much...obviously, some Sinclairs would condemn him, some might see his point of view...she is an awfully good actress...I think the Hinck is till cooling his heels in some jail or other...

                    rob - canada (thank god)...

labehotierre wrote:

I never seen anyone eaten on line but I am willing to give it a go.  How
does one go about do you have to consume the others persons computer.  What
about the peripherals? This wider family of ours has everything.
We stand here at Armageddon ready to do battle for the Lord.  The fighting
we do among ourselves only hones our bone, blood and sinew for the real foe
without.  No Mea culpa is needed what is needed is some one to tell us "Who
the Hell is John Hinckley" is he a worthy opponent to turn this family
against? Will our banner fly higher having done poor old John Hinckley in or
is he one of us? Constance post more you have a lot to say all the people on
this list have much to contribute to our understanding of a unique place in
this world.
By the way did Dizzydell ever find her grandmother?


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Date: 25 February 2000 15:09
Subject: Re: Toads and Politics

>>It is a swamp out there.  Leaving my name off my reply was an oversight.
>>apologize.  I rarely contribute to the list and, in my "enthusiasm," I
>>to follow protocol.  Mea culpa.
>Even though it is a good idea to mention your real name at the end of
>a message, the mail address of each poster is in the From: line in the
>headers of each message posted to the list.  Apparently some mail readers
>don't display that line automatically, but most if not all have an option
>to display it.  That line is also displayed in the archives:
> http://www.mids.org/sinclair/archive/
>Margaret, maybe we should add some web pages about that, in addition to
>the ones about how to post plain text.
>Speaking of which, I would like to encourage posters to, as someone else
>already said, turn off HTML and use plain text.  For how, see:
> http://www.mids.org/sinclair/mail/index.html
>And regarding this comment:
>>Some days I get excited waiting for the response
>>that I know will follow certain postings
>>Though I dare not post a reply myself for fear of being eaten.
>Personally, I've never seen anyone get eaten online,
>and I suspect the members of this list would get
>too involved in debating the merits of catsup vs.
>salsa, etc., to remember to actually do so. :-)
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[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@mids.org
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[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@mids.org [ To get off or on the list, see http://www.mids.org/sinclair/list.html