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RE: A Sinclair by any other name

Jenny -

You don't know how much you are making me cry!  My Gran is also a Sinclair
by birth and one of the most beautiful ladies I know - inside and out.

When I was 13 we moved from Britain to this side of the pond in NJ and more
than anything the most traumatic part was leaving my grandparents behind.
My Gran's cobalt blue eyes filled with tears and my Grandpa, "Big Geordie"
as he was called - his soft deep brown eyes and the large gentle hand on my
shoulder.. the hardest parting I have made.  My Grandpa is no longer here
but Jenny I can see in your writing that like myself you still feel the
passions and warmth of your grandparents.

I visit and talk to my Gran as often as I can and I am so proud to be able
to share her with my own four children now.    She will be 87 in June and I
a grateful for every joy I get to share with her.  Last year I was able to
explore Glen Shira, Auchindrain, Dalmally in Glenorchy, Kilchrenan on Loch
Awe and many other areas of Argyll with her.  It was an indescribable
connection we shared.  Truly, it was as if there was no time and I could
feel the link between those that had come before and those still to come.

Thank you Jenny and Niven for sharing a beautiful exchange.  It is lovely to
slow down, stand back and just feel.

Now I have to get back to the bustle around here and finish painting before
I have to make dinner.


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