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Re: Re: tartan wallpaper

Hi Kay
Yours was the only response to my tartan query.  Thanks for the suggestion 
but wall paper for the restaurant would have to be scrubbable vinyl.  You 
wouldn't believe how much catsup and orange juice end up on the walls!
Damon sent me a goodie package when he returned from Scotland.  We still 
haven't met in person but we keep in touch.  
I'm still working on our Sinclairs...stubborn ancestors we have!  I've made 
some headway but the document I need to see is elusive.  I may get to the 
archives tomorrow and demand to see it, even if they have to sit there and 
turn the pages for me!
Do you know anything about the global Sinclair data base being compiled?  
I've go off and on the Sinclair list and I hadn't heard or seen any thing 
Happy Valentine's Day - Lynn
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