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Fw: New

> The discussion about chanticleer happens to conincide with information
> the proper use of our Earl's and the clansmen's crests.  It is
> www.clansinclairusa.org   to history links  then look in bottom of the
> column.  Ladies look in "For the Ladies"  and men "for the Lads"   There
> will be other information for the Ladies and Lads in their respective
> Can someone tell us about the Sinclair plant called a "whin".  It seems to
> have thorns and can be worn in the men's bonnets?    Will we be able to
> whin in Caithness?   Also want to see the Rowan tree planted by the Queen
> mother at Wick in 1989.   Is there another name for a Rowan tree?  Were
> there Rowan trees in the Tolkein's books?
> Laurel

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