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RE: Andrew COTTINGHAM please contact me.

Toni, Mary Campbell, of Kilokoman married first Dan Arch, or Daniel Arch
Sinclair.  At his death she married Joe McDonald.  Her son from first
marriage, Daniel married when a young man  Flora McKenzie.  Their first
born, Catherine was my great-grandmother.  When she was a babe of one year
they left Scotland and immigrated to America, going first to Canada, staying
there for supposedly eight years, coming then to Fayetteville, N.C., where
Daniel was captain of a steamboat on Cape Fear River.  In a few months they
returned to Canada, coming back to Marion county, S.C. in approximately
1830, buying a large farm where they lived until their death.  Catherine
married Andrew Cottingham 17 Nov 1840.  Mary Campbell Sinclair McDonald was
born in Kilokoman in 1772 and immigrated to America in 1840 and died June
30th, 1859.  Daniel Sinclair her son born Kilokoman 24 March 1794,
immigrated to America 1820, died 7 June 1855.  Flora McKenzie, born
Kilokoman 17 Oct 1798, immigrated to America 1820, died Jul 17th, 1858.
Catherine was born 18 Feb 1819, immigrated to America in 1820 and died 6 Apr
1884.  Andrew Cottingham born Marlboro county S.C. on Cottingham Creek 5 Jan
1818 and died 6 Jan 1903.
     I received a letter form Karen M. on 30 June 1999 in which she said "I
took a few minutes to check my database.  I have Daniel and Flora in Marion
County, S.C. in 1825 (deed), then 1830, 1840, 1850 (censuses).  Daniel died
bef 18 Oct 1855 in Marion, S.C. where his estate was probated.  Flora died
in 1858, also in Marion County, S.C.  Their son William K. "of Chickasaw,
MS" gave Power of Attorney in estate matters to "A. Cottingham.""  She goes
on to verify other names that I have in my history.  This is the only
contact that I have had with Karen M. Well, so you can see that at least one
other person has information that verifies my dates etc concerning  certain
things , but I have no information about Family background in Scotland
except what I have given you.  I have names of Siblings of Catherine and
other relatives, but nothing before Mary Campbell Sinclair.  Someone must
have had some info in order to put this together for me.
     Does this help in ;any way?     Andy Cottingham (ian@texas.net)

 I've checked all my Islay information.
records for Kilchoman Parish don't start until 1821.  However, I checked the
other 2
parish records going back into the 1700s, and can't find a Daniel Sinclair,
either in
birth/baptisms, marriages or deaths.  Neither can I find the birth of a
Catharine to Daniel
S. and Flora McKenzie.  I've also checked for any Sinclairs marrying a
McKenzie, and
still cannot come up with any of them.

I have a copy of the book"Day Book of Daniel Campbell of Shawfield" which is
great history of the island between 1767, when he acquired most of the
to 1798.  It
shows many lists of tenants on the various farms, and although Daniel
is not
listed as one of them, there is a Daniel Sinclair who signed as a witness to
lease in
1769, and another in 1773, as a servant to Shawfield.  "Servant" could mean
clerk, or
other type of employee.  The fact that he could sign his name, when most of
only made their marks, might indicate that he was better educated than most.

I have a few questions for you:

1.  Daniel was born 1794, do you know where?
 2.    Did he emigrate to South Carolina with his daughter?
3.    He died in 1855, do you know where?

If your Daniel isn't the one in the book, I don't know if I can help you any
further.  Although I have hundreds of Sinclair names listed on Islay, none
them are a "Daniel"!

Rebecca - do you have any Daniels in the Carolina Sinclairs?

Toni S.
Andrew J. Cottingham Jr wrote:

> Toni, Sorry it took me so long to respond.  I was away for a while and
> had the flu and finally too many things to catch up on.  I am not really a
> researcher of Genealogy but more of a collector.  My Great-grandmother was
> Sinclair born on Islay.  I will share anything I have with you and would
> love to know anything I can about my Sinclairs.  Andy
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> Andy Cottingham
> You are a popular man today!  I just saw your message on the Argyll
> board. and
> noticed you are researching Sinclairs from Islay.  Can we compare notes?
> Toni Sinclair
> (researching Neil Sinclair and Christian Campbell - Islay)
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