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St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney

Sadly we just caught only the end of what looked like a fascinating BBC 
documentary about the above, yesterday evening.  The Cathedral was built by 
Jarl Rognvald, a descendant of Rogenvald the Mighty (in Norse, Ragnvald Møre 
Jarl), from whom our Chief descends, and so a Sinclair relation!  Fortunately 
there are some details from the programme on the BBC website at 

John Sinclair Quarterman kindly posted the story of St Magnus and the home 
church of its builder, the Fjaere Kirke, which is not far from my employers' 
head office in Southern Norway, back in the summer at 
http://order.mids.org/sinclair/inslaird.tmp/fjaere_kirke.html.  (It is 
missing all its Norwegian characters, another HTML problem - a feature of the 
list at present!  I also had to apologise to my colleague Alf Martin Sandberg 
for my typo of his surname)

I have since realised that "Calder Dale" is probably not far from the home of 
the secretary of our Caithness Clan Association Secretary, Kay Dunnett, at 
Loch Calder!

Yours aye 


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