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Re: corn

>I have seen photos Thanks.
>>>They probably also used maize to eat.  I still don't see why a mention
>of maize implies folklore.<<
>I agree with this totally.  The original post eluded to the fact that there
>may not have been any corn in Nova Scotia.  The Indian folklore part
>indicates a knowledge of this item back in time as it has been used in Sun
>God rituals.

OK, if maize didn't actually grow in NS, that makes sense.
However, it did grow in Massachusetts, so if Henry went that
far south, it wasn't necessary for the Micmacs to have maize.

>The mention of folklore is one form of verifying the existence of Corn/maize
>in the Micmac world.

Good point.

>The original post, not by me,  was stretching beliefs rather than pointing
>to any facts. Along the idea of "What If" scenarios which if put forward,
>out into the world,  will make the Sinclairs look ridiculous without actual
>fact and proof to back them up.

I agree.

>Many are conducting actual research on Rosslyn Chapel and the carvings
>including the Corn, the Aloe Cactus, the music cubes, and more.

For sure.  Just because it looks like corn to me doesn't mean that it is;
I'm not a botanist, and I don't play one on the net.

I have tried staring at the pictures to try to see feathers in them,
but that one I have to admit is beyond my capabilities.

>  Had there
>been actual writings and historical data, all this would be in the history
>books pointing to a belief that I totally agree with that Columbus was the
>Last to discover America.

There may well have been actual writings and historical data.
No doubt Henry wrote letters to friends, family and business
and political contacts.  Few of them survive.  This is not
surprising, considering that of the letters of William Wallace,
who lived not very long before, apparently only one letter survives.

Remember, Henry apparently died in an attack on his stronghold
in Kirkwall, which was the most likely place records of his trip
would have been.  Plus Rosslyn Castle was razed at least once
between then and now.  Plus assorted wars, revolutions, acts of God,
etc.  600 years is a long time.

This is one reason why the Chapel is particularly interesting.
It has records in the form of carvings that could and did last
600 years.  Interpreting them is a bit tricky, however.

>I am waiting for more definitive proof on all of the claims about the chapel
>and personally enjoy  reading all sides to the studies.

Same here.

However, it is worth pointing out that there are more lines of evidence
pointing to Henry's journey to the new world than there are for the existence
of many people and events in classical or medieval times that are widely
accepted as facts.

>Gary M

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