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Re: Who is Gordon Sinclair?

Wanda - Can you give birthplaces for the family (esp. very early ones) of
Gordon Sinclair?  Thank you.
Judith Harper
New Zealand
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> Gordon Sinclair is a famous Canadian.  He was a war correspondent for the
> Toronto Star & was also a panelist on Frontpage Challenge Canadian T.V.
> Show.
> The following is what I have on his family.
> Rexdale, Ontario
> 1. John1 SINCLAIR. He married Catherine FERGUSON.
> They had 1 child:
>  +  2. M i. George Alexander "Sandy" SINCLAIR, born 1874, died Oct 1951
> 2. George Alexander "Sandy"2 SINCLAIR <See pg. 1> (John1) was born 1874.

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