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Re: Fantasy Time

Thanks for that link Ward - I've loved Katherine Kurtz's books for years, 
but here in Australia they're hard to come by!

Margaret :)

At 03:11 AM 16/01/00 , you wrote:
>This is in answer to David Bouschor's question regarding other books by
>Katherine Kurtz, Deborah Turner Harris and Scott MacMillan.   First, for
>more information about this amazing author and her thought provoking books,
>she has a great website at www.deryni.net.  It features the prologue chapter
>to King Kelson's Bride and an article about the ghosts of Holybrooke Hall,
>Katherine's personal encounter with ghosties and other things that make you
>think twice about turning out the lights.
>As to other books, all of which I believe are available:
>     "Two Crowns for America" --- integrates Freemasony, a Jacobite plot to
>place Charles Edward Stuart on the American throne and the well documented
>facts about George Washington and Ben Franklin (both Masons) and their fight
>for freedom.
>     "The Temple and the Stone"  --- Templar Frere Arnault de Saint Clair and
>his brethren embark on a secret mission to save Scotland's Stone of Destiny
>from the English.
>     "Knights of the Blood --Book I Vampr-SS" and "Knights of the Blood- At
>Sword's Point"  --- created by Katherine Kurtz and Scott MacMillan, these
>two books feature the exploits of LAPD detective John Drummond; involves
>gruesome murders where the victims have been drained of their blood, World
>War II-the SS and the Crusades.
>     "Tales of the Knights Templar" edited by Katherine Kurtz, is a
>collection of nine original stories about the "most mystic and mysterious
>army ever."
>     "Lammas Night" --- the back cover of this Ballantine Books soft cover
>edition has this to say: "The year is 1940.  Hitler's Germany is about to
>employ the secret arts of evil witchcraft to destroy England.  What can stop
>them?  It is the mission of John Graham, colonel in British Intelligence, to
>stop the onslaught of evil with an extraordinary strategy that defies all
>the rules of twentieth-century warfare:  Unite the different witches' covens
>throughout England, drawing upon powers that reach back through dark
>centuries, in a ritual of awesome sacrifice on the first night of August,
>the magical Lammas Night.
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