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"Black Harbour"

I got a little shock this morning.  I turned on the TV
here in Ireland and happened to catch the second half
of a program called "Black Harbour".  In it a guy was
saved from being murdered by an apparition of - you
guessed it - HENRY SINCLAIR - clad in templar battle
dress!!!  Is anyone familiar with this program?  The
credits stated that it was filmed in Nova Scotia.  I'd
love to see the whole thing.  Does anyone know where a
copy is available for sale?  (No, I haven't checked
with Amazon yet, but I will as soon as I finish taking
care of the mail.)  I have a feeling that it's not in
widespread availablity, though, so I'm trying here
first.  Help me out, folks.  Enlightenment needed. 
Why hasn't anybody mentioned this show during the last
year while I've been keeping up with the List? 
Granted - I only saw part of it, but it looked pretty
interesting to me.
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