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Hi Marilyn:

Could you help me out please?  Can you tell me where St. Ola is?  I've tried
to find it and can't and I have a Sinclair related person from there.

Kathy.            owlshoot@axion.net

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> Lesley and Ron,
> My address is Marilyn Eddy Siperek  I would love a copy of your
>                       4598 Whalen Rd.
>                        Great Valley, NY  14741
>    My John Sinclair was born about 1752, too old to be your James'
> I was wondering if he might be William' s brother or cousin.  The names in
> your line echo the names in my line which make me think they may be
> or cousins.  The same names carry on through many generations in my family
> and yours.  I also know that there were ties to St. Ola.  I enclose a copy
> a newspaper article about my great great grandfather's fiftieth wedding
> anniversary.  He was born in 1832, the grandson of John born about 1752.

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