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Re: Fantasy Time

--- Ward Ginn <wginn@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>     With winter upon us, it is time to cuddle up in
> front of the fire with a
> good read.  If you are short on ideas as to what you
> should read, let me
> suggest several recently written books about one of
> the more interesting
> Sinclairs, Sir Adam Sinclair,

Oh, Ward, you're putting me in the mood again.  I've
read each of them at least twice.  They're great.  And
I love the collection of short stories about the
Templars that Kurtz edited.  Still want to read her
other series that takes place in a fantasy land that
my friend says is alot like Scotland.

But I'll have to pass on "in front of the fire."  It's
hard to find a fireplace in apartments in Florida.

Stay warm

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