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Fantasy Time

    With winter upon us, it is time to cuddle up in front of the fire with a
good read.  If you are short on ideas as to what you should read, let me
suggest several recently written books about one of the more interesting
Sinclairs, Sir Adam Sinclair, nobleman, physician, historian, mystic and
Adept -- Master of the Hunt, leader of a secret brotherhood at war with the
dark and unholy powers that menace our world.  It takes five books, called
the Adept Series, to chronicle Sir Adam's adventures, taking  place
naturally in Scotland.  Superbly written by Katherine Kurtz and Deborah
Turner Harris, these books blend history, Knights Templars, Freemasonry,
etc.,  with fantasy to provide storylines that are almost believable, but
above all exciting.
    The Adept Series can be purchased, one book at a time or the whole set,
by visiting amazon.com or Unicorn Limited at www.scotpress.com. Also, don't
forget looking for these great books at your neighborhood bookstores.

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