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Re: A good New Year to all...The real problem

Privateers wrote>>I am convinced that a US  government conspiracy wants us
to focus on Y2K not the real problem Y5B?<<

With that in mind, I offer you this which was sent to me:


200 canned hams
100lbs. dried beans
2000 gal. fresh water(including underground tank)
5000 watt propane generator
75 MRE'S
800 assorted canned vegetables
8 cases sterno (24 per case)
18 boxes matches
2000 rounds of 45 caliber bullets
10 cases 12 ga. shotgun shells
50 "D" cell batts.
75 "AA" batts.
47 "AAA" batts.
1 solar powered radio
4 cases powdered protein
1 milk cow
1 bull
7 laying hens
1 rooster
40x60 underground shelter (with separate livestock quarters)
1 wood burning stove
8 cords wood
43 assorted magazines (12 adult related)
12 flashlights
8 kerosene lamps
16 military blankets
many other misl. survival items.

all items sold together or separately bids will be accepted starting
1/2/00. serious offers only.


Prepare early for your Y5B.

Best wishes,

Gary M. Sinclair

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