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Re: A good New Year to all...The real problem

?Prepare for the Year 5 Billion Bug

Now that the year 2000 has been apparently been successfully
 passed we must address the next great milestone. 

The Sun has been active for approximately 4.6 billion years.
 It only has enough fuel to go on for another five billion
years (Y5B). At the end of its life, the Sun will start to fuse
helium into heavier elements and begin to swell up, ultimately
growing so large that it will engulf the Earth. Life on earth will
change as we know it. First we will have mildly warmer
temperatures, then a heat wave will be with us, and finally it will
get cold. The Year Five Billion will be here before we know it 
The Earldom of Caithness will be on Earl number 20,001.
Will we be prepared for the billionennium bug? 
Think of the poor genealogist and try to keep the family Bible up to date..
 Think of  how to be financially prepared and Freeze your Assets
 in the Year 5 Billion. Will the Dow break 15000000000000?
How will the Y5B bug impact the stock market in 4999999999? 
Will the Fed lower interest rates to stimulate the economy? Will
Greenspan be around to help? The Clan Sinclair Trust should have 
Zillions in assets by then.  Clan Sinclair Alpha Centauri Inc. will
have enrolled it's 2 Billionth member.
Will there be a champagne shortage?
Should you buy your wood burning stove before or after Y2B?
How to install Windows 5000000000?
I am convinced that a US  government 
conspiracy wants us to focus on Y2K not the real problem Y5B?


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