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Zeno trip

Dear Niven,
    I'm afraid I am at a disadvantage in that I don't have "Beyond Any
Shadow of Doubt".  I was viewing the subject through the prisim of the
Orkney Symposium as summarized by Pete.

In Pete's summary he said:
Is It Possible that Prince Henry did not do it?  Brian Smith, Shetland
Archivist, offered a flamboyant array of reasons he feels cast a shadow upon
the claim that Prince Henry Sinclair crossed the ocean to North America.
Among them are a 500-year delay in making claims; the lack of
contemporaneous claims by Sinclairs or Templars; numerous errors found in
the Zeno Narratives; "Zichmni" referred to in the Zeno Narratives is thought
to be really the Duke of Surrand; Nicolo Zeno was a political prisoner in
Venice from 1360-1400; and the Zeno Narratives never mentioned Orkney.

Since, I think this Symposium occured after you wrote "Beyond Any Shadow of
Doubt" and since I got the impression that there was no rebuttal to the
questions raised by Brian Smith because he was bringing up some new evidence
that questioned the Zeno participation, I thought these areas had not been
settled yet.  It seems strange to me that he would bring them up, if he knew
you could refute them so completely.

Were you able at the Symposium to show the emptiness of Brian Smith and
other challenges?
Within this last year, I did incounter, somewhere, a smirking statement that
the Symposium showed that there was real doubt about PHS's voyage.  So I
carried that feeling with me when I asked about Brian Smith's statement.

 I really thank you for your comments which I will add to the website to
show the rebuttal to people like myself that really aren't informed enough
on this subject.  Daily these people are added to our group of interested
persons.  If they come into this discussion by way of the Orkney Symposium
or see the statements of other doubting Thomas' they can now be referred to
"Beyond Any Shadow of Doubt" and to this summary of yours.
And this really gives me good evidence to put in the Scottish Journal
article.  Thanks, Thanks again.  Will get this added later today when I get
back from taking my father in law to the doctor.

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