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Thank you Niven

My top 3 favorite Christams gifts this year;
#3. A spring vacation for 2 from my beautiful wife (I think I'll take her 
#2. A big hug from my 6 year old nephew Garrett.
#1. A special poem from Niven.
When I visited Girnigoe last June, I was standing in the courtyard bewteen 
the two masses of our history in stone. I wondered how life would have been 
so many years ago. On this day I had warm dry clothes, a full stomach, and a 
lady who loves me. Our ancestors had to hunt, build fires, fight, and defend 
their clan every day. I thought about Master John, the feud with the 
Campbells, Sutherlands, MaKays, and whoever else might have been a problem. 
Then I thought about all of the men, woman, and children who called this 
windswept rock home. 
Niven sent me a poem I would like to share with you all. It was written by 
Betty Nelson Sinclair in 1985.

At peace you stand atop that cliff.
Above the churning windswept sea.
But, Girnigoe what tales you'd tell.
If you could only speak to me.

Of battles fierce and warriors brave.
And sometimes glorious victory.
Of cruel hardships, hearts of steel.
And suffering humanity.

Your silhouette at sunrise.
Against the northern sea.
On Scotland's shore in Caithness.
No fairer sight to me.

Lord, may the winds blow gently.
O'er Sinclair bay and be.
A shield against ravages of time.
Till I return again to thee.

For those of you who are going on the 2000 trip. Please copy this poem and 
read it to yourself while you are standing amid the history of our grand 
Thank you Niven,
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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