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Re: Julie's misfortune.


>Dear All:
>Julie probably does (unjustifiably, in my view) feel a little embarrassed by
>what has occurred.

The only thing she should have done differently would have been to try
out her vacation program *before* leaving town.  But that's a mistake
that any of us could make.

>It is not she (again, in my view) who should be embarrassed as much as those
>of us who jumped all over her with invective before we knew the whole story.
>For the record, Julie has been an active member of the Islay Sinclair group
>and has does an enormous amount of work on our Sinclair cousins therefrom.
>A bit of wisdom to pass on to others,  how about starting with a generous
>interpretation of events until it can be shown to otherwise.  This should
>apply throughout the year but but to be so ungenerous in late December is
>well,  un-Christmas-like?
>I would like a bunch of messages asking Julie on bended knee to re-subscribe
>and here is mine.

I've been watching, and the requests for her to stay on the list far
outnumber the previous complaints.  You can see them all in

That archive is updated daily with messages from the list.  I have
removed all but one of Julie's vacation messages so the other messages
are more visible.

>Come back Julie,  and I would say all is forgiven if there were anythng to


>Aye Rory

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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