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Website glitch

Dear John and all,
    John, I was just thinking about giving you a phone call because I didn't
know but what you might be away on vacation and might be able to access
messages on your phone.  I'm sure that everyone heaved a sigh when they saw
that you had fixed things.  Probably their first Christmas present, for

To all of you around the world, I send my warmest greetings and hopes for a
very Merry Christmas with loved ones and just a great and wonderful
Millennium ahead.  And can hardly wait to meet many of you at the 2000th.

If you find some extra time in the next week, why not tune into the History
part of Clan Sinclair's website.  Right now there is glitch to accessing it
but you can more easily get there directly by clicking on

Save this so you can get there fast in the future.
 I know that genealogy charts are boring but the left column links on the
History menu list a number of them.  Soon our Chief will be sending a
Sinclair time line to join them.  Consider these not recreational reading
but a good reference for understanding any type of Clan history you are
reading elsewhere.

********** If you LOOK in the 5th column under "Gatherings" you will find
Niven Sinclair's new report on his trip to Venice.   Don't miss looking at
this because he gives an announcement of something (I won't tell you
what--you just have to go look)  really interesting that will happen at 0001
January 1, 2000 (Venice time I suppose) that concerns all Sinclair/St.
Clairs.  You will want to announce this yourselves at whatever New Years
celebration you attend.

There are other activities brewing such as the Leif Erickson celebration
under "Gatherings"  Notice that in 1893 preceeding the Chicago Colombian
Exhibition, there were articles in the newspapers concerning Prince Henry
Sinclair.  This connects in to the upcoming Leif Celebration that Niven
believes we are, at least geographically, related to.

Laurel Fechner
Historian, Clan Sinclair USA
Portland, OR USA

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