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Warm Greetings

Greetings to Sinclairs worldwide from the members of Clan Sinclair USA.  We wish you good health and good humour this season and in the next year.
We hope that you derive as much pleasure as we do from our Sinclair history  as well as the lively dialogue of today.
We shall raise our glasses to you all on  December 31.  The coming year promises to have even more Sinclairs meeting each other at the Millennium Trip to Scotland in July/August, through the pages of the quarterly newsletter YOURS AYE, through this website(thanks to John Quarterman), and our companion websitehttp://www.clansinclairusa.org (thanks to Mary Selver,ClanSinclairUSA Secretary Treasurer).
Finally, a special greeting to our newest Sinclair group, Clan Sinclair Australia!
Brad Sinclair Barker
Clan Sinclair USA