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Re: lothian geometry

(Bcc Addees: Inspired by the Rennes le Chateau Matrix, Tom has found a
pentagram in the "Edinburgh Matrix"; I'm suggesting a few WAGs re its
function and a few other ideas. I think its an important discovery in the
grid system. Apologies: some of you will get this twice due to
sinclair-mids-org overlapping my sacred geometry list addees... easier for
you to nuke it than for me to try and edit it. To skip all the verbiage go
to the SUMMARY THEORY paragraph.)
Greetings Tom,

...An interesting and important letter! I appreciate your sending it. I've
added a few people in the Bcc as you permitted, also included your original

I'm the one that you've traced regarding the 28 mile diameter grid, Noss
Head, and Chief Head Stone (Reshel grid), et al. My main source of important
information is through Revs. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid of the Church of the
Johannine Grove but I've expanded on that info within my specialty. (We can
not assume that Maia or Simeon would necessarily agree with my
interpretations and applications of their info.) A catalogue of their
outstanding materials might be ordered at johgrove@fone.net.

I'd be very interested in knowing your pentacles' location points if that
info is available. The GB grid coordinates would work.

I've tried here to sort out a number of possibly related, if complex,
connections to your grid. Also to provide a sense of the great extent of its
impact by expanding on a few grid considerations relative to the Sinclair
Templars area of influence. I've thrown in several biblical examples just to
demonstrate that there is a wealth of information in the Jewish and
Christian scriptures for those who wish to put the effort into mining it
out. Just the tip of the ice-island. I'm not an expert in anything but I do
know a bit about the Reshel grid which has become my main focus.

I can well imagine the "strangeness and beauty" you are experiencing! You've
opened the door into some pretty deep stuff, the Christic Mysteries and
those associated. Perhaps the most significant of all the many remarkable
subjects you've tailed onto is the unit of measurement peculiar to the Land
and also your linking it with Rennes le Chateau ...thus linking the two
areas or consciousness matrices. You have effectively grasped  a "Rod of
Light, Love, and Power" in your ability to "measure the Land" Consider the
specific following ideas:

1. The land also has consciousness, part of a synergic unity of the devic,
angelic and human realms. By laying out a "containment field" or "Vault" you
are generating a specific reality frame or continuum within itself but as
part of an expanded matrix of many increasingly larger reality frames or
continua. Your reality being manifested must have certain qualities to be
resonant with "The Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord" which could be
translated as "Yahway Elohim" in the Judeo-Christian format. Or simply
"Sat-Chit-Ananda" (Being, Mind, Joy through harmony/grace/love). There are
many trinity prerequisites to creative action depending on what's being
generated. Genesis would give you a progression of basics. Thus: the unit of
measurement represents a resonant harmonic unifying the 3 realms with a
specific set of frequencies, ie your major tool as a cocreator.

2. The specific "cubit" you are using can be transposed to a Staff/ Rod.
This basic unit can "cast a shadow on the Land", that is, can vary its
length (as a shadow) in a unity with the Sun or primal light source ...which
ultimately back tracks to the Sacred Heart of God through the harmonic
series of "atomas" or spiritual centers in all sentient heart centered
beings. (Remembering that "things" or elemental forms are also alive as part
of the Whole ...atoms, suns, galaxies.) The SHADOW is MORE than light; it is
the divine Unmanifest ("Selah" in Hebrew: unmoving fulcrum (scales),
suspended sound. There are other Hebrew words for the Unmanifest.) This is
the God Essence beyond the Manifest God of Light and the basis of all valid
creations. The Selah is the Unnamed God beyond the light, angels, and all
phenomena at all levels and dimensions. Thus the defined unit of frequency
and codes (the Rod and Staff or Crook and Flail) can unify with the atomas
(centers where Christ abides) to generate a Selah field in the Land as the
frame for a continuum field. (The operator must also be able to work within
the Selah ...the staff doesn't do the work, its a tool.) This vertical rod
casting a shadow is a prime example of the "L Shift" or the Chief Head Stone
becoming the Corner.

3. The rod or cubit harmonic can be programmed with energy nodes within the
Staff, setting up a basic energy system within the staff itself that
supports specific consciousness functions. I could lay out the Reshel format
and then transpose the many points laterally to a single straight line or
staff, thus setting the Reshel functions within the staff. The "serpent"
in/as the staff would be sine curves varying to match the nodes'

Examples of this staff or unit measure:

(1) ...the High Priest's linen Breast Plate of Judgement (Ex 28:15-30) which
is over the heart and a 4-square( doubled. That is, as I read it: a square
of a "span" (word is zara or width of the open hand or "yud"... many
meanings including seeding) which can be opened to form a rectangle of 2:1.
The 12 Tribes are the outer codes but the Urim and Thumim open the inner
codes. The "span" becomes the unit of measurement along with its codes.This
"span" is not only physical distance, it is a metaphysical reference to the
OPEN SPACE in the open hand ie the Unmanifest God as the source of reality
in any form being created.

(2) ...much the same as the Pharaoh's Crook and Flail, crossed in an X over
the heart. The "X" is the cross providing the spiritual software that plays
through the "+" cross ...these two being an 8-point system in a 4-square
containment field. This field is doubled much as Chartres' vertical face
(with Reshel coding) hinges down (L shift) over the horizontal floor (also
with Reshel form), the rose window covering the labyrinth. The crook and
flail use the "span" or cubit harmonic in the X-gram but one uses a curve at
the tip and the other 3 straight lines. These provide specific coding modes
correlating with a standard format describing the Xs' polar functions. The
Metatronic format used in the 8-point dual cross is called the "Templa Mar"
format in its higher functions (found in Rosslyn, Chartres, Stonehenge as

In the X cross of the Templa Mar format, the "Heel Stone" is located within
the bend of the spiral crook (NE) relating to the Shepherd Kings or
Solarians. The cubit staff part would relate to the "Solarian Pillar" in the
SW. The NW "Path of the Mother" is picked up in the 3 vectors which could be
almost any initiating trinity, probably the basic being Maiden, Madonna, and
Hag. The SE pole is the "Tree of Knowledge" and is represented by the staff
part of the Flail. The forearms are extensions and part of the dynamic.
Since the Tree is a Genesis reference, the NW female trinity is likely to
follow Genesis. In which case there is a sequence of trinities. The most
basic is the 3 "chens" or chen spelled 3 different ways. They are described
in the analysis of Gen 1-9 as the Cabalist Tree(s) and are found in the
names Cain/Kanan (Pillar function), Enoch (Chenoch) as the Grace function
and Initiate, Canaan as the form (vinyard, foundation). This sequence
continues with Noahs' (Noach) 3 sons (female function under the Shekinah:
Lamech). These sequences would be represented by parallel nodes or beads in
the 3 strands of the flail. The three strands can also be the archetypal 3
columns in the Tree format. The SE "Tree of Knowledge" pole is the so called
Apprentice Pillar at Rosslyn relative to True North (the Chapel points East
so the internal X is correctly placed). The Mari Pillar is the center of
Rosslyn's 8-point wheel.

(3) ...Henry Sinclairs' Arms has a "Shamir" or serpent as a crest. The Arms
provide the template for a Reshel earth grid, the Shamir's eye being Thurso
and the head of the "Tavhara line" going south to San Sebastian. the Line is
the staff or a planetary unit of measurement in a more cosmic framework. The
Shamir as superior (above the staff) forms the famous Staff of Aesculpius or
Bird-Serpent Staff ...Moses' Staff of healing, also the Christ correlates
Himself with Moses staff and rebirth with Himself as the serpent. Orkney is
organized with the Reshel grid and this is effectively the birds wings
linked to the shamir, basically a winged or feathered serpent. The wing
effect is enhanced by the Orkney system flashing in and out of one reality
into another via the Selah (the "Flashing Universe" effect) and also the
form implodes through itself while at the same time spinning to create a
"flapping" effect. Very tricky! The wings show as connected to the serpent's
head (actually at the eye). The Templars knew all this stuff, so did St.
Columba long before them. The system is very ancient but was intended for
THIS TIME of transition and major healing and regeneration: rebirth. Also
recall that the Hebrew letter noun, #50, was drawn as a serpent in the
protosiniatic glyphs ...noun meaning eternally regenerating life (in cycles
due to the serpent symbolism of shedding skins). Henry clearly saw Clan
Sinclair's role in these terms and his own dharmic mission linked with the

(4) The "rood" or rod: ie land measurement, is picked up in the "rood
screen" dynamic in a temple ostensibly used to screen the Holy of Holies or
whatever. I think that it is an interface device, such as a staff or rod as
described above, but in the format of a 4-square containment field having
very specific codes engrammed in it. It is placed on the main temple axis as
a form of filter/programmer to the main axis dual flow of energy and
consciousness along the line (energy goes in both directions). If one wishes
to shift the temple "software" just pull one screen and plug in another
"circuit board" rood. Or change the codes in another way: swap crystals,
relics, thought forms.

The HOLYROOD Sanctuary area and specifically Arthur's Seat is such a system
on the Tavhara Line. It is also a Grail pole with Glastonbury Tor. The same
program codes are Grail related and geometrically use the Bethlehem Triangle
with Holy Island (Anglesey) ...the head and extended arm... as its apex. As
I've previously published, this Holy Head land area creates the Bethlehem
Triangle vesica which I believe to be used in the Sinclair engrailed cross
...also used in the Zeno Chart and other places.

RE THE "28" ITEM: There appears to be a profound meaning to the number 28;
it continues to keep popping up in strange and important places. I think
there is a "dynamic" within it that contains many connected functions. These
are a few places I've noticed it.

The "28" mile diameter (of the Edinburgh Grid Matrix) measurement is rough.
The two N-S poles are Seafield Tower in the north and Dryhope Tower in the
South. The energetic center is the Mt. Lothian Chapel ruin. The large "L"
gate (Ps 118:18-24) is from St. Columba's Church on Inchcolm to Black Hill
(Sinclair tower) to Rosslyn Chapel which controls the whole gate system. The
Holy-Rood Sanctuary is the Shekinah (female)
generation pole that creates the Shekinah half of the system. The female
dynamic is the hardest to clear and work with (Humanity being the "Brides of
Christ") so it is generally the one we have well defined. Same thing in
Rosslyn Chapel which uses the same grid geometry (Reshel). Rosslyn is
effectively the "Chief Head Stone that becomes the Corner" (or "L"). Its
central Stone correspondence is Arthur's Seat. The Seat generates the system
and the Chapel controls it. Hence the strong emphasis on Mari as the
Shekinah. Also true with the Templars' Marian cathedrals following the
function of all of Europe in the GAIA system. As noted above, Orkney also
uses the Reshel grid, centering on Thurso which powers up the TAVHARA Line
south to San  Sebastian. Wheels within Wheels. Clan Sinclair is plunk in the
middle of this action at the major control poles.

"28" relates to the lunar month and a woman's cycle of regeneration which is
a harmonic of a cosmic dynamic of creation. Also one of the humans'

RE The Sinclair expedition of 1398 CE we find 28 marks in a rhombus shape as
a pivotal mark in the
Zeno Chart (Zeno Narrative) centering a complex Grail geometry overlaying
the chart ("Grail across the Atlantic" idea). The rhombus is the L Gate
golden ratio mechanism and life transport system in the Grail and Reshel
related geometry. The authors of the chart obviously believed that the
"28-dynamic", whatever that is, best defines the prime codes for this
extremely important grail format.

We find the 28, as noted below, also in the steps or stations of the
Pyramid's ascending Grand Gallery. The "Great Step" (29th) synthesizes the
28. The Grand Gallery is on the Bethlehem Angle (26-18) so the Great Step is
at the Reshel's "Resh" pole, ie the controlling position as the Chief Head
Stone, etc. ...the same role as Rosslyn Chapel in the Edinburgh 28 mile
spinner. This Ascension Line defines several internal Pyramids and
associated Reshel systems within the outer physical Pyramid. This tends to
become complex however simply put, the Grand Gallery forms the line of the
innermost system which will define the location of the critical "Chamber of
the Son." So the "28-dynamic" must include this most important manifestation
of regeneration of the Chrictic qualities of Humanity. Basically Humanities'
resurrection, and that includes the stellar races, those with souls.

In Reshel technology, its pentagonal apex ("Zayin" pole) carries a
28-charge. This apparently results from a unity of the Christos half of the
system and that of the female or Shekinah half ...each Zayin pole
functioning on a basis of 14 (Osiris' 14 parts of the Whole? 14 Stations of
the Cross?). The pentacle or pentagram also has a base point to look for in
your grid discovery. It is midway on the line between the base points,
called the "Quint-Essence" or "Shiyn" pole. If you find this you will know
which way the penta is oriented. This pole carries the charge for the whole
system. In the Edinburgh Matrix it is the Mt. Lothian Chapel (ruin). We
could say that the Shiyn pole carries the main 28-dynamic and the two
pentas, apex to apex, downloads each other's "14" to carry a unified charge
of the upgraded 28 in each of its cycles. Again, this gets very technical.

But whatever "the 28" is, Henry Sinclair (ie the Zeno Chart authors)
considered it to be of the Essence and center of the Grail geometry ...which
is what it is in the Reshel. Putting it in a golden ratio rhombus gives it a
life force containment capability and also the ability to transcend or link
all time continua. (This rhombus gives us the basic "L" format, ie the gates
in Ps 118:18-23.)

Perhaps the Hebrew word for 28 (8+20), "chaph", sets the fundamental. It
means "purity, covering in protection, to act covertly, a canopy (ie an
inverted grail; WSB)." Or the number-word reversed as 20+8, "koach", meaning
"be firm, vigor, force, means to produce, a large lizard (shamir?)." I
should point out that Henry's Shamir uses Thurso as its eye. This is the
Orkney shiyn pole having a 28-charge. It that capacity, the 28-dynamic codes
the whole Tavhara Line to San Sebastian. I also point out that this eye or
shiyn pole spins and is the central tangent point in a crescent or
cup/canopy shape. Thus when the Orkney system rotates onto the Tavhara Line
it creates a canopy or crescent "covering, protecting, producing, etc." that

I strongly suspect that Henry inserted the rhombus filled with the 28 marks
in the middle of the ocean (Zeno Chart) as a message across time to "Look at
this! This is the central reference boss for the Grail unifying the Gaia
right brain (Americas) with the right forebrain (Europe), using the
Bethlehem Angle and Reshel!" In connection with this schematic I note that
there are 9 "false" islands (with a monastery) in a line that is part of the
Grail triangles, the largest one. These are obviously the 9 main chakras. I
call this line the "Navigator's Line" in that the Master Templar must first
master these 9 chakras to execute the system. Also, this whole system and
project is under the Michael Mandate which itself is under the Seraphic
ENNEAD (9) group.

Where we find a "9", and its working in a Metatronic system, we also have a
"5" with it somewhere. This 9-5 ratio is called the "Elisa Exchange"
indicating a Metatronic interactive system capable of communicating with our
fallen or "Oritronic" realm. There is much more to this but I'm flagging it
here as a connection with the pentagram. Note that the 9-5 combo gives us
"14" and the two communicating systems would provide "28" again. This is
precisely what the Reshel does, symbolized by the rhombus. This is perhaps
the highest version of the 28-dynamic.

RE THE RENNES LE CHATEAU connection: There is a huge L grid stretching
between Edinburgh and Rennes le Chateau... the two matrices. Both use the
Reshel. Wood's GENISIS geometry is quite accurate ...brilliant... and his
evaluation of its function, but its far from complete. (I don't use his
cosmology however.) Lincoln's is also. The two Ls' bends are at Mont St.
Michel and St. Sulpice Chapel in Paris. (Mont St. Michel is the male or
"tholus" pole relative to the complex female cathedral matrix ...they form a
Virgo earth grid with Mont St. Michel in Denebola in Leo, the spot in the
celestial "telesphere" locating the Central Sun: Mazuriel (not in this
continuum). This geometry is most sacred and is critical. It also shows how
the Marian Cathedrals (Shekinah) tie into Edinburgh/Rennes le Chateau and

The two complementary N-S poles of the L-Grid demand the highest spiritual
clarity and purpose to operate this planetary system. The Montauk Project
abominations are the prime example of how not to try it ...mechanical and
for all the wrong reasons. The Cathars were at one end of the system and the
Sinclairs at the other, coordinated by the Templars until they had to leave
the Languedoc area, moved on up to Scotland.

The measurement system is related to this fallen continuum, now becoming
OBEd. I suggest the use of the Great Pyramid (Temple of the Risen One) for
Metatronic measure. I am not decided yet on just what it is however. It will
be resonant with the Grand Gallery which has 28 steps leading to the 29th,
Great Step (Chief Stone). The cubit has 7 palms of 4 fingers each (28), each
governed by a god. Thus the Gallery is an ascension path of 28 stations
leading to the 29th. In effect a prime cubit of sorts. The Pyramid dynamic
is part of the Reshel and can be layed out to determine the "Gallery" length
in each specific use of the grid. I have not developed this idea but feel it
is the way to go.

RE THE RESHEL SYSTEM IN EUROPE: There are several Reshel grids covering
Europe (Gaia's right forebrain) that organize and support the Christic and
Metatronic consciousness and function. The Edinburgh Matrix is key to all of
them, seeming to coordinate them all. This is in cooperation with the sister
pole at Sintra outside Lisbon. The composite system is called the Bar.Sheeba
Grid. There are three main ones that (1) form a connective pillar or tube of
light (star tetrahedron) for communication and transference of life from
divine source into the Gaia collective; (2) one that is a pentagonal seed
system; and (3) one that is more complex and is the main manifesting and
transmuting system. There is one that spans the Gaia forebrain with its axis
from Sligo Bay in Ireland through Mt. Sinai and down the Red Sea. Rennes le
Chateau and Bornholm Island bracket this axis in a cross format. Lincoln
discovered this but pivots the two at Jerusalem whereas I swing the axis
south through Mt. Sinai (using great circle charts). Jerusalem is, however,
the pivot for the fallen continuum while Mt. Sinai is for the "real"
continua. Both would be used in this transition phase.

RE THE HEXAGRAM: This is the "Key of David (Dowd)" or letter vau, #6, which
was drawn as a circle (sphere) with a descending line (pillar, tube)
attached ...in the protosiniatic version of glyphs used for the Hebrew
alphabet. You find the Key of Dowd in Revelation 3:7-13 also called the
Pillar in the Temple, etc. "Dowd" means "love, cauldron" as the Grail
archetype. In the letter vau: the circle and line we have the Grail and its
associated Pillar or "Layooesh" light tube. The 6-point hex is the star
tetrahedron which is the first step in forming the pillar... there are
several other steps in sequence after that.

In short, the trinity or hex sets up the CONNECTIVE needed with every form.
The Above-Below or Heaven and Earth requires a connecting pillar or tube as
part of the system. Scripture also calls this the Pillar and Heap (Gen
31:45 -32:2).

Every system needs three complementary systems: (1) a seed using a 5/10, (2)
the form using a 4/8, and (3) the connective using the 3/6. A 3-4-5 combo.
The Reshel has all of these generated by two golden ratio spirals from a
Bethlehem Angle triangle.

The Hex field in its higher function generates a field where the three
realms (angelic, human, devic) can communicate more efficiently, called the
"Dweller of Divine Fire." The higher star tetra contains all forms, called
(I think) the anayana and its pillar form is the pilorah ...higher function
than the layooesh. In scripture we find this in Matt 17:1-13 as the
Transfiguration process. Translating the 6 names (and knowing the functions)
describes the classic 6 poles or two triangles in the Key of Dowd at its
higher level.

RE THE PENTAGRAM: The 5-point is a seed matrix (examples in Edens' 5 rivers
and lands, the Seals in Revelation (5-point seed format after the 3rd seal),
and Maitri Upanishad 2.6's 5 breaths). The Reshel forms a basic penta with
two complementary golden ratio spirals generated from a Bethlehem Angle
triangle in the generation pole. So it has a seed function along with the
others in a complete system: communication, manifestation, and the seed

I have noticed that the complicated grid, the female system, is complemented
by a single male "tholus" pole or seed matrix. This pole is offset from the
female system's center. There then often appears to be a cascade of resonant
tholus' poles, themselves a form of more complex synergic unity, from a
large main pole to minor ones. One male-female system can be completely
female overall to a higher frequency male system ...and on up the scale.

An example is in the Rennes le Chateau Matrix. Wood's "Seed Center" is quite
accurate and is the holographic "HOLOS" or 5-aspect tholus. The rest of the
Matrix is female relative to the Seed Center tholus. The female complex in
turn has its own expanded male tholus which picks up the high frequency Seed
Center download and translates it into a more complex right-brain format for
use by the female-female left brain form building system. Thus we find the 5
mountains forming a pentagram.

Another point re the penta. It doesn't have to be a perfect 5-point star. It
can have an elongated apex as shown in Wood's GENISIS. Also, in earth grids
some of the geographic perfection may be slightly compromised to accomodate
telluric offset foci.


Not knowing anything about your grid I will make a logical WAG. I think that
your penta grid is probably the main offset tholus supporting the larger
Reshel system. It can be located within the female complex but would be
offset from that complex's center. Further, its points would be more hidden
to avoid human interference. This same principle generally "hides" the
Christos half of the system and discloses the working female half. If the
more difficult Shekinah part can be cleared and make functional, then the
Christos part cuts in. The Groom comes to the Bride. This is the case in the
Edinburgh Matrix and in the same geometry in Rosslyn. Also other places,
Orkney for example.

This principle would also say that your star is female and there is a more
obscure Christos star in combination. The Shiyn (quint-Essence) pole would
be their common center, thus its useful to find that center. The Edinburgh
Matrix has its own Shiyn pole at the Mt. Lothian Chapel (ruin), sharing its
function with the two extreme (Zayin) poles at the Seafield Tower (slightly
offset for telluric reasons) and the Dryhope Tower.

The question remains: "Where is the primary tholus pole downloading into
your more complex penta?" I think this is a secret maintained by the
Hierarchy. My guess, from previous bits of info, is that it is known to a
few who are entrusted with its use and it is in the City. Geometrically, I
would guess that it correlates with the "Middin Chamber" in the Pyramid but
since it appears to be a secret I would not wish to speculate more on it.
Suffice it to say that, since you have probably discovered the working penta
or "HOLOS", than it is likely that the clarity of the Racial Mind/Soul has
improved to the degree that that information became available and you found
it. This same thing occurred with Glenn Broughton discovering the penta
"Barbury Castle Ring" around Avebury. This one supports most of southern
England and ties into Glastonbury with Stonehenge being the Shiyn pole.
Coventry is the Zayin pole linking the system into the axis across the GAIA
forebrain from Sligo Bay, through Mt. Sinai, down the Red Sea (Noted above;
called the Icarius Grid and connected, I think, with the ICARIA reference in
the Zeno Narrative).

Your penta HOLOS will be in a direct resonant harmonic with the same in
Rennes le Chateau. That would be the penta star in Linclon's THE HOLY PLACE,
pg 93, with Le Bezu being the Shiyn or Quintessence pole. Aven would also
pick up the Shiyn when the star spins, locking into the East vector or "CRP"
(Critical Rotational Position). Montferrand does the same on the NE-SW
action line harmonic with the 8-point manifesting system. In that system I
would guess the main tholus to be the grotto shown on pg. 139.

In Washington DC the harmonic penta is the Pentagon built over the original
Atlan penta put there in service to this present age and our
Transformational phase now accelerating. The L gate is formed by the
Capitol, to the Washington Monument obliesk, then to the White House with
the "Zero Mile Marker" being the controlling Resh pole. (This sub-system is
part of a larger ARKHOM Grid discovered by Peter Champoux, rebooted by the
Sinclair Expedition in 1398 CE. He has described ARKHOM in his new book: THE

The thing That ties all these sub systems together is the Metatronic RESHEL
system. This is the reason I'm putting 98% of my energy into trying to
understand it. Besides building temples and earth grids (bigger temples) we
can apply it as a synergic group format (smaller but more efficient temple).
(Tom wrote:)

Six years ago I began an investigation into the geometry of Lothian based on
the principles laid out by Henry Lincoln in a little book called 'The Holy
Place'.  I had of course read 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail', 'The
Messianic Legacy', and 'The Temple and the Lodge'.  I was intrigued by such
things as a cave with a face "which gazed out at the passer-by", or
something such.  The chapel at Roslin I was aware of and someof the common
lore of the St Clairs and the castle and glen.
My investigation of the landscape revealed an incredible amount of geometry,
and the surrounding material soon convinced me of the need for some study of
the general background to the whole subject. I took a one year course at
Newbattle Abbey College.  Scottish and European history including religion
and secularisation were intensively taught.  Newbattle itself was a bonus,
of course, the Cistercian Abbey grounds having been a playgroung for me in
my childhood, having been born in Newtongrange and having lived in
Easthouses in my childhood and youth. The 'Sign of the sun' having been part
of the aforementioned lore, and is presumed to be the family symbol of the
Ker family. Anyway, I followed Newbattle with a degree course at the
Scottish Agricultural College, which I completed in June '99.
>The geometry was always ticking away and a collection of roughly 1500
photographs kept getting added to.
At an early stage I realased Roslin was important although to be honest the
geometry did not present itself as obviously special, at least it was not
dinking into the geometry in any meaningful way.  It was there but not
controlling anything, apparently. There was also the reluctance to get
sucked into the Roslin milieu, until I had at least had a grasp of what was
there, in the general landscape, and
trying to adhere to Lincoln's principles of verification.  Now, I had a
problem with L's radius measurement, but I could not be sure that the
measurement system used in the south of France would apply to Lothian.
>Never-the-less, I had identified a possible regular pentagon covering most
of Edinburgh and some very particular points.  Roslin was on one of the
pentacle diagonals but not controlling things. A lot of verification work
was done attempting to nail 'my' pentagon, and this is still on-going.  Some
points seemed to have a life of their own.
>I decided to try and link my geometry with this radius measure and this
proved successful and of course Roslin is included.  The beauty of this
verification is astonishing, and I can with confidence state that the radius
measure from the Rennes complex is contained within meaningful geometry in
Lothian, and includes Roslin.
>I subsequently came across an advert for a meeting of the Sauniere Society
to be hed ata the Templar Lodge Hotel in Gullane, in November 1998, at which
Henry Lincoln was to talk.  This was too good an opportunity, and in fact I
visited Rosslyn on the Friday prior to the symposium as H.L. was to be
there. I showed him a working map and he was aghast at my working methods
but conceded that I certainly had something.
>The Society has proved to be beneficial in the contacts  and subject matter
I was encouraged to give a presentation sometime and a symposium was
proposed for Newbattle Abbey sometime laer this year. To cut a long story
short, due toi accommodation problems I was out of touch and missed the
symp. at Newbattle. I had more or less prepared a presentation should the
invite ever come, but
with an eye to possibly producing a book and/or a website.
As seems to happen in this field the summer and autumn has seen developments
in the geometry and related stuff. I had come across some A4 print-outs of
the geometry of Rosslyn, Templar based and using starnge words like resh(el)
metatronic etc. I showed these four sheets to John Ritchie, and he forwarded
a file
containing a large scale map of Britain and titled the 'Metatronic Earth
Grid Related: UK and Ireland. Ward Ginn, an American friend made through the
Sauniere Society forwarded the link to the Sinclair clan website, in
particular a discussion on the Chief Head Stone, which turned out to be text
rElEvant to the geometry I had of Rosslyn.  Also mentioned was the Edinburgh
28mile diameter grid.
>Searching the site I came across your Noss Head document, which answers a
few major questions that I have struggling with. I have known about the
north south line connecting Arthur's seat, Rosslyn chapel, and St. Mary's
chapel, at Mount Lothian for some years now.  It was certainly part of a
grid system, which I had identified, but which I considered as seperate to
my confirmation of the pentagonal and hexagram(al) stuff.  The emphasis put
on this line by yourself and others only ties in a lot of what I have
discovered with Rosslyn.
>Over the course of the investigation a whole lot of strangeness has been
experienced and beauty as well, not to mention the personal spiritual
experience of the place. I am willing to communicate with anyone interested
in this subject.  There certainly seems to be a coming together of a whole
lot of stuff, millenial revalation, or not.
>Please forward this too any interested party.
The site is a welcome resource and a sound point of contact.  This material
is of very great interest to me personally in my work.
>My best wishes to the Sinclairs and a happy year 2K.
>Tom Graham

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