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Re: Islay Sinclairs

To Rebecca and (Mary Raye Casper)

Greetings dear friend!  So far as I know, our Argyll group has been
quiet for a while.  we are probably all "doin' our own thing".  I've
been trying to get behind Neil (born c. 1775), whose father was probably
"John Sinclair", but haven't come up with anything new for a
long time.  I've been working with an Islay discussion group, but there
are few people interested in Sinclairs there, even though there were
MANY Sinclairs on Islay in the early 1800s.  I have tried
to help some of them with their ancestors, because so many of them 
came to Ontario in the 1830s and 40s, and I have accumulated quite a
few books with Islay settler information.  

Rebecca, I'm dying to know what you have on Sinclairs of Islay - names,
dates, anything in any order, scribbled or organized.  I know you are
busy, so I'll try to sort them out and match them, if you don't have the
time.  I have a copy of the OPR of Bowmore/Killarow
Parish, so I can do checkups.

I thought I'd have all this information organized and in book-form as
a Christmas gift for my family.  They'll have to wait, because I want
to get this right, and as far back as possible.  I think I'm on the edge
of connecting the Islay Sinclairs in the latter half of the 1700s to the
McNokairds in the early part of the century.  

Mary, I don't think we've corresponded before.  Do you have any info,
or connections to Islay?  If so, can we compare notes?

To all,  have a very happy holiday season!

Toni Sinclair

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