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Where is Beryl Markham?

    I can't express how surprised I am that you ignored the accomplishment
of Beryl Markham!! Why didn't you list the FIRST SOLO flight from East to
West that ended in Nova Scotia.  Beryl Markham born 1902 in England grew up
in Kenya.  She was a contemporary of the people in the story made into the
movie "Our of Africa".   Her book 'West With the Night" details her
accomplishment   She crashed into a bog at the very tip of Cape Breton
Island September 1936.  She was a very experienced aviatrix and only crashed
because her fuel line froze up not because of incompetence as was probably
the case of Amelia Earhart.
Flight from East to West was also more difficult than Lindberg's West to
East flight.   I can't believe that you would overlook this most important

And how could you overlook the Experiments with hydrofoils that were carried
on by Alexander Graham Bell.  Surely you have been to the wonderful Museum??
And you said nothing of the French settlers and their forced evacuation by
the English???  And the wonderful bridge to PEI.

I am however, pleased to see that you are beginning to recognize the arrival
of Prince Henry Sinclair in 1398.   Perhaps soon more will be done there,
such as monuments at Stellerton, Cape d'or, etc.  And hopefully more of your
classrooms will add his voyage to their studies.

Laurel Fechner

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