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Rhode Island Births, Ancestry.com New Databases

If you are searching Sinclair in Rhode Island, the following may be of 
interest. None are mine, but I "clipped" these in case others would find them 
of interest.

Rhode Island Birth Records
Search Terms: SINCLAIR (11)
Results (11 combined matches)

Name    Relation    Parent 1    Parent 2    Birth Date  OSPage  Comment
Beatrice Sinclair       James Sinclair  Mabel O Sinclair    17 Mar 1896 
Gladys F Sinclair       Jeannette Sinclair      29 Sep 1897 16:322   
Mary E Sinclair     James Sinclair  Mabel O Sinclair    14 Mar 1895 16:111   
Constance C Grimstead       Sinclair Grimstead  Julia A Grimstead   13 Oct 
1904    18:108  Constance (c)
Louise M A Wilbur       Sinclair Wilbur Annette J Wilbur    19 Nov 1908 
Evelyn E Sinclair       Jesse Sinclair  Frances Sinclair    24 Jul 1914 
Geraldine F Sinclair        Jesse Sinclair  Frances Sinclair    13 Sep 1912 
Helen M Sinclair        John M Sinclair Georgianna A Sinclair   07 Nov 1912 
John E Sinclair     John A Sinclair Gertha Sinclair 27 Mar 1915 21:352   
Elizabeth Sinclair  d.  Dugald Sinclair Ellen Sinclair  14 Jun 1868 9:29     
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