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To make matters easier, some of us are Iains and some Ians, but of course it 
is Ian Sinclair who is the benefactor of Nosshead, a great gift for the Clan 
which will take us much further forward, dram or no.  And it was Iain 
Sutherland who served us the Old Pultney at the Wick Heritage Centre earlier 
this year.  After we had been at Ian Sinclair's Nosshead Lighthouse Clan 

To further complicate matters, my old Norwegian connections are very old, 
about as old as most of us with Caithness roots, but I have current 
connection, both with the "Pillarguri" Gudbrandsdalers along with our Chief 
and Niven, and through working for a Norwegian company, but in its London 
Office and our home is in Hampshire!

Yours aye

Iain Laird 
in Buenos Aires (for a short visit) and heading for New York tonight.  20 
Sinclairs and 1 Laird in the local phone book.  Not one an Iain or Ian!
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